Workout of the Day: 13319

Buy In:

10 Min of stretching of your choice:
800 M Run
CrossFit Warm up x 5
800 M Run


Flight Simulator

Double Unders 5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50-50-45… back to 5

*If a set is unbroken you may advance to the next round. Rest as long as you like between sets. If your set is broken and you do not achieve the allotted number of reps within that set, you must start that set over (not back at the beginning of 5).

**If you don’t have double unders, please utilize this day to practice. Today’s wod is to build the consistency with your jump rope skills and it will help to attempt this workout even with single unders. Remember, time is not important for those who need the work on the double under. Singles will be a 2:1 ratio due to the volume of reps. If you are proficient, however, please do the pyramid to complete the double unders as quickly as possible. Good Luck!

Buy Out:

Mobility in calves and hamstrings.

Results: 13318 to be uploaded in the morning.

Tip for Open wod, when doing a muscle up your arms must stay tight and not externally rotate before you make your transition.

1) Appropriate starting position


2) Early external rotation prior to transition


3) Finished position within range


1) Appropriate starting position


2) Internal rotation held until shoulders breach the bottom of the ring.


3) Transition held within range




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