Workout of the Day: 130913

**We are extremely excited to announce that we will be hosting a menu sampling this Saturday (the 14th) for a new paleo meal-service that will be offered to members at the end of this month. We are collaborating with a company to provide you with clean, organic, and delicious meals to bring your fitness to the next level (more details to come this Saturday). We have already had a taste of whatโ€™s to come and trust us when we say you wonโ€™t be missing out on any of your cheat-faves! See you all this Saturday at 10:30am to sample the awesome food that will be headed for your lunch bags!**

Workout of the Day

Tabata Friday

With a work/rest of :30/:30 x4 rounds at each exercise for a max points combined:

Double Unders
Wall-Ball (20/14#)
Jumping Jacks


Rx-1 14/10# and/or movement
Rx-2 10/6# and/or movement
Rx-3 Combo x 2 mvnts and lbs
Rx-4 ModWod




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