Workout of the Day: 130920


Due to the lower volume of attendance at 6am class, we are requiring a sign up before 10pm the night prior. We know it’s an inconvenience to do any sign ups for classes but no shows at 6am are very hard on the coaches. Mandatory sign ups will begin this coming Sunday night. If you know you’d like to attend a 6am class in the future, we welcome pre-registrations several days out. Thanks for your understanding.

For instructions on how to sign up, please log in to WODTogether and in the sidebar on the left click Gym Schedule > Change Dates > Sign Up (at 6am hour).

If you have any issues logging in, please text or email us immediately to reset your username or passwords.

**Update on the Muscle Mass Protein placebo study: due to lengthy shipping time from our vendors, we are currently waiting on more product to be delivered. The formulas will not be ready until Monday. We will keep you updated!

Workout of the Day:

AMRAP in 5 minutes of:

20 Mountain Climbers (10 each leg)
20 Double Unders

Rest 60 seconds, then:

AMRAP in 5 minutes of:

20 Push Ups
20 Jumping Lunges (10 each leg)

Rest 60 seconds, then:

AMRAP in 5 minutes of:

20 Sit-Throughs (10 each leg)
20 Jumping Squats


Rx+1: clapping push-ups & weighted jumping air squats.
Rx: as is, no modifications.
Rx-1: modify 1 movement.
Rx-2: modify 2 movements.
Rx-3: modify 3+ movements.
Rx-4: modify WOD.







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