Workout of the Day: 131004

All, the Kiosk will be gone tomorrow. Please sign up for classes tonight or log in using the WODTogether App on your smart phone. You can check in and post scores from both. If the WODTogether App is not working, you can always pull it up on your phones’ internet browser at or go on our CrossFit 949 homepage. Thank you!

Workout of the Day

For Total Points

Tabata Air Squats – Active rest in plank holds
Rest :30
Tabata Jumping Lunges – Active wait with small hops (like jump rope)
Rest :30
Tabata Push-Ups – Active wait with Supermans

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2 Rounds
400 M Run
Inchworms x 1
Bear Crawls x 2
Fanny Whackers x 3

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Mobility and Stretch

Happy FRIDAY!!!



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