Workout of the Day:131014

Reminder! On Friday night, October 25th, we will be cancelling the 5pm workout for a 6pm Glow in the Dark WOD. Wear anything that glows under black lights and get ready to get your sweat on under some sweet neon conditions!

Workout of the Day

Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes:

3 Hang Cleans + max Push-Ups

Rx 155/105#
Rx-1 135/95 or knee push-ups
Rx-2 95/65 and/or knee push-ups
Rx-3 75/55  ”  ”
Rx-4 Mod Wod

*On every minute you will complete 3 Hang Clean (full squat).  Once your cleans have been completed, you have until the turn of the next minute to try for max push-ups. When the minute turns you must stop your push ups to complete 3 more Hang Cleans. Once completed, you can then pick up where you left off on your push-ups. Follow these instructs for the remainder of the 15 minute time cap. You score is total reps of push-ups.

Buy Out

50 Strict toes-to-bar




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