Workout of the Day: 131017

We are retesting for the supplement as our half way marker for the 6 week study. Please come in during off hours to get remeasured and assessed by a Coach. We are over the hump now everyone!

Workout of the Day
5 rep max Deadlift

Start off with a light to  moderate weight at 15 reps to dial in technique and form. After every successful lift, begin to load the bar moderately by increasing in weight and decreasing in reps until your have reached your highest 5 rep. Keep attempting to go up in weight by 5 reps until failure.

Buy In:

WGS x 2
Scorpians x 30 EL
Cobra to Downward Dog x 20
Supermans x 40
Burpees x 30

Buy Out

4 attempts @ max hold: top of the ring dip in L-sit (support position)


We will now be selling FitAid for recovery energy drinks (all paleo friendly). Give them a whirl!!!




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