Workout of the Day: 131104

Announcements x 2:

1) For all of you who have been participating in our 6 week supplement study, this is a reminder that we are doing our final testing this coming Thursday. We will be revealing who was and was not on the placebo shortly after; those of you who have been on the placebo, you will be gifted a free 6 week amount of the actual productt. If you cannot make the test on Thursday, please arrange a time with Adam or Katrina to get in and finish your testing. Finally, we want to thank everyone who participated these last 6 weeks. The data we hope to gain from this study will be crucial to T.H.E. Sports Laboratory and we could not have done this without you.

2) This Wednesday is Dr. Jorge’s mobility clinic at 6:45pm. If you already have put your name on the board and signed up, please don’t forget to bring $10.00. By taking this clinic, you will receive a free therapy ball to use and take home after your clinic.

Workout of the Day

Find 1 Rep Max Front Squat to Jerk (Push or Split)


Rx-1 Mod FS or Jerk
Rx-2 Mod FS and Jerk
Rx-3 FS or Jerk movement only
Rx-4 Mod Wod







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