Workout of the Day: 131113

Workout of the Day

Every minute on the minute, until failure of:
5 Pull-Ups
Medicine Ball Cleans
* At the beginning of every round you must complete 5 pull-ups. Followed by 5 pull-ups is 1 med ball clean from 0:00 to minute 1; rest is dependent on how quickly you finish the round. From minute 1 – 2 complete 5 pull-ups and 2 med ball cleans, with 5 pull-ups and 3 med ball cleans the following minute. Your workout will end when fail to achieve the amount of med ball cleans within the 60 second time frame. The workout will be scored by rounds and reps.

Rx+1 Cleans with 45/35# barbell and CTB Pull-Ups
Rx-1 Mod one movement
Rx-2 Mod two movements
Rx-3 Mod WOD






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