Workout of the Day: 131114

We would like to invite everyone to CrossFit San Diego’s 6th annual “McFlurry” workout on Saturday December 7th. We do this workout in honor of our close friend Miguel Flores who passed away on December 8th, 2008 to a fatal car accident. Miguel was a phenomenal athlete and close friend. We do this workout in honor of Miguel, his mother Linda and father Jeff. Please come join us to get to know Miguel and understand what an impact he had on the CrossFit community.

Sub 2:00 Fran (first in the world)

Workout of the Day

CrossFit Open WOD 12.1:

7 minutes of Burpees

Buy In

Double Under mini Flight Simulator


Competitor Buy In
You can only advance if you link up all the numbers in the set. If you do not achieve the numbers in the set, you must restart that same set until you can string all the numbers together. For example: If you’re on set 15 and break your rhythm on 14, you must begin your set of 15’s back at 1 until you complete 15 double unders in a row. Then you can advance to set 20.






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