Workout of the Day: 131205

Change of Announcements: MUST READ!!!

1. This Saturday’s class was supposed to be at 8am. Due to a recent change of scheduling, we will be returning to the REGULAR 9am class. We apologize for the confusion!

2. CF949 will be hosting a special Memorial workout on Friday. The workout is called “McFlurry” and is in memory of a lost friend and coach of CrossFit 949, Miguel “McFlurry” Flores. Miguel passed away in a car accident on December 8th, 2008, 2 weeks before CrossFit 949 opened its doors in San Clemente. During Miguel’s time on Earth, he hosted an annual Christmas toy drive to all the children in the city of Barstow with the local Police and Fire Departments. In spirit and honor of Miguel, we do the “McFlurry” workout, collecting toys to donate to Miguel’s organization (Barstow Police Activities League) and give all the children who’s Christmas may not come true due to orphanage or struggling families. Toys will be collected by Friday night after the 6PM class to be delivered to Miguel’s family. Barstow PAL and Miguel’s family thank you and appreciate your donations.

-Toys must not be wrapped or unpackaged.
-Please, no used items or hand-me-downs.
-All toys must still be in the original container or package.
-No preference on Boy or Girl gifts.

Get to know Miguel here:
McFlurry Memorial Video
Miguel’s sub 2 minute FRAN (first on Earth to break the sub 2 minute Fran workout)

3. On December 20th, Nomad’s will be holding our 1 year anniversary gym party in San Clemente. The party will be at 7:30PM on Friday. Food and beverages will be available for a low cost so bring your appetites! However, there is an attendance requirement: we themed our 1 year as “Ugly Winter Attire”  and encourage everyone to show up in the worst possible winter clothing on the planet! There are no standards for creativity and all shapes and forms of winter ugliness are welcome!

Workout of the Day

Gymnastics Skill and Technique

Choose from the following:
– Handstand Push-Ups
– Pull-Ups (butterfly, kipping, strict)
– Ring Dips or skill transfer (strict, shoot through, muscle up)

Mini WOD:
Max Efforts

Because of the McFlurry workout on Friday, we encourage everyone to attend today’s skill class. Don’t avoid skill days like today, but instead, embrace this time to pick your coaches brain about methods on efficiency, transfers and workout strategizing. We encourage lots of mobility (which will be demonstrated) before working on these skills and small workouts will be completed by the end of class. WOD formats will be put on the white board for your specific skill. Please note that we are going lighter today before the “McFlurry” workout but if anyone is interested in intensifying their mini skill WOD’s, please ask a coach.








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