Workout of the Day: 131209

**On December 20th, Nomad’s will be holding our 1 year anniversary gym party in San Clemente. The party will be at 7:30PM on Friday. Food and beverages will be available for a low cost so bring your appetites! However, there is an attendance requirement: we themed our 1 year as “Ugly Winter Attire” and encourage everyone to show up in the worst possible winter clothing on the planet! There are no standards for creativity and all shapes and forms of winter ugliness are welcome!**

Workout of the Day

Max Thruster

*You will have 40 minutes to find your 3-rep, 2-rep and 1-rep max thruster.


Rx: as is, no modifications.
Rx-1: modify thruster.

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Worlds Greatest Stretch x2
Inchworms x1
Spider-Man’s x2
300 Single Jump Rope

Thruster movement review

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