Workout of the Day: 140103

CrossFit 949 will be hosting a 1 day Olympic Lifting with Coach Beau Burgener in March. We will have more details on the clinic after this weekend!

Workout of the Day

EMOM complete the following: (18 min time cap)
3 Hang Power Snatch or Hang Snatch
– Increase your weight every third round.

* From minute 0 to minute 3 everyone will start with an empty  barbell. From minute 3 to 6 you can choose a weight that you would like to begin your workout with. The objective is to pace yourself and end all 6 rounds with completed reps for highest weight possible. Increasing weight is not mandatory, however, we would like you to try to find your approximate limit for the Hang Power Snatch with a continuous increasing score.

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Hang Power Snatch/Hang Snatch review

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3 Rounds of
3 Bar Muscle ups
15 Push Ups
Rest :30 seconds in between rounds
*If you can’t do bar muscle ups you can sub for 7 chest-to-bar pull ups with or without bands







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