Workout of the Day: 140110

Workout of the Day

For Time: Reverse Ladder

Hang Power Clean (115/85#)

*You will begin with 20 hang power cleans and 2 burpees; your next rep scheme will be 18 hang power cleans and 4 burpees. Each round your hang power cleans will decrease by 2 reps and your burpees will increase by 2 reps. Each round will add up to create a total of 22 reps.

*Due to the high-volume deadlift workout from Wednesday and the grip-killer workout from Thursday, please scale your weight accordingly today. As always, be smart and safe while continuing to challenge yourselves!


Rx+1: 135/95# + burpees to an elevated target.
Rx-1: modify weight of hang power clean.
Rx-2: modify weight of hang power clean and burpee.
Rx-3: modify WOD.

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