Workout of the Day: 140226





Annoucement 1:

This Saturday we will be hosting the first event for the 2014 CrossFit Games Open workouts (14.1). The schedule will be as follows:

8am – Free intro CrossFit class for 1st-time athletes.
9am – Regular scheduled CrossFit class (this will be the scaled version of 14.1)
10am- Competitors hour for 14.1. Heats will be determined by amount of athletes and judges. **Females will go first, Males will go second and Judges who are competitors will go last. There will be a post WOD pot luck!!! If you plan on attending the event, please bring your favorite dish (paleo or NOT). Even if you are not planning on participating in the workout please come join us to cheer on your fellow athletes and hang out for the party afterwards!

Announcement 2:

There will be a GYM MEETING on Friday the 28th at 6PM sharp! All athletes and judges must attend to go over rules  movement standards, time frames, heat schedule and individual questions for Saturday’s Open workout. If you absolutely cannot attend, please schedule a time to meet up on Friday to discuss any of the prior requirements for 14.1 workout. Keep in mind that neglecting these important meetings will only impact YOU as an athlete. If judges miss the meeting on Friday night and absolutely cannot meet, please set up a time with Adam or Katrina before the 9am class on Saturday.

Workout of the Day:

“Push-Up Penalty”
For time:
150 Push-Ups

**Every time you drop, fail or break for push-ups, you must complete a 400M run as a penalty.
Example of penalties:

  • Knees resting on the floor from the plank position.
  • Fails to press out and drops back down to deck.
  • Resting in the plank for more than 5 seconds (@1000 pace).

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