Workout of the Day: 140305

**Announcement #1: We will be running heats for Open 14.2 this Friday night starting at 6pm. Friday night lights is going to be our meet time for all athletes. If you would like to be filmed, please make arrangements to go in the later heats of Friday night or after the 9am class on Saturday morning. Please contact a coach the day prior.

**Announcement #2: Competition class starts today, Wednesday, at 7pm and the Barbell Club begins this Thursday at 6pm. If you have been anxiously waiting for these classes, now is the time to talk to one of your coaches to get in on the action! If you plan on attending the Competition Class on Wednesday evening, please print out the form below and bring it with you. Click on the link to retrieve the file.

The Competition Class will not be limited to a number of athletes but will have skill requirements in order to enter (listed on the downloaded form). If you do not meet the skill requirements to attend, they can be practiced in general CF class hours and everyone will have unlimited attempts to test back in. The skill requirements will be announced on Tuesday afternoon for the first meeting and everyone who shows will have an opportunity to test on Wednesday night. There will be some adjustments made to the form so do not be discouraged to try out; this is great practice to see where your athletic weaknesses lie. Also, week 1 will not pertain to the Open. Week 2-4 will specifically focus on the Open and higher skill sets that may show up on 14.2-5.

The Barbell Club will also have similar testing methods but will only reflect the strength portion of the Form depending on the Levels announced. The B-Club will also be announced tomorrow afternoon. A strength program for the B-club will be posted for the following week.

We had another great turnout at the new B-Metabolic Conditioning class yesterday morning! We are in the test-phase with this class this month and you can refer to the schedule but for right now it will be offered Mondays at 6pmTuesdays at 10am, and Fridays at 4pm. If it is in high demand we will do our best to add more class times to the schedule!

Workout of the Day:

1 RM: Split Jerk

Work your way up slowly for your 1 rep max. This is not an exercise that you should move up in weight quickly; take your time working up gradually.







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