Getting Started

Welcome, and thank you for choosing CrossFit 949! Here at 949 we make entering a CrossFit gym simple and stress free. Before any workout, every new member is properly assessed by one of our CrossFit Certified Coaches. We believe that gauging your fitness levels and designing workouts that fit YOU are the key to longevity and lasting health.

If you have already done CrossFit please come join us for a freebie first-time class! Click here for a list of our class schedule and once you are hooked we can get you signed up.

New to CrossFit? Here are a couple steps to get you started!

1) Come join us for 3 FREE introductory sessions that you may use during any of our regularly scheduled CrossFit classes within a 7-day span. These are 1-hour classes that will introduce you to some of the movements you will see throughout your time with us. During the hour you will be introduced our warm-ups, WODs (workout of the day), and cool downs.

2) If you are ready to get started, we require that every new member goes through our 6 foundational classes. These 6 one-on-one sessions with one of our certified coaches will teach you proper movement and introduce you to many of the movements you will be using when you are in regular classes. In addition to this it allows the coach to go over and explain the safety and technique behind the movements before you’re put under the clock in one of our regular CrossFit classes. 

Ready to get started? Click here to purchase a Standard Membership that includes 6 private sessions with one of our coaches.

Are you a policeman, fireman, veteran, or active in the military? Click here to purchase a Discounted Membership that includes 6 private sessions with one of our coaches.

3) If you have been doing CrossFit for 3+ months and are looking for a new location to train, click here to become part of the team and purchase a Standard Membership. Click here to take advantage of our Discounted Membership for policemen, firemen, veterans, and those active in the military.

We are so excited to have you as part of the 949 family and we look forward to joining you on your journey to health and fitness!


Standard Membership: $175. This includes unlimited classes.
Discounted Membership: $150. This includes unlimited classes (for policemen, firemen, veterans, or active military).
Personal Training: $75/hour. This is a great opportunity to work with one of your coaches 1-on-1 for precision work and detailed movement (especially great for skilled gymnastics movements and olympic lifts). Talk to one of your coaches about package pricing for a discounted rate!


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