Track Your WOD

We use a tracking program called WODtogether that is made specifically for CrossFitters. After you have created a username and password you can input your daily WOD scores, add-in body measurements, backtrack to check your history on benchmark workouts or compare PR’s (personal records) for exercises like your max front squat. It is extremely user-friendly and something that we encourage all of our athletes to take advantage of – no need for carrying around paper WOD-books anymore!

In the case that you are unable to find a past workout that you are trying to reference to on WODtogether, you can always use our webpage to backtrack your progress. Just follow these simple steps:

All of our workouts are tracked by a particular code that is posted in the header of each day. This code follows the exact date of when that WOD was executed. The code is displayed as year, month, day. If you needed to look for a workout that was posted for December 29, 2012, you would type in the search bar for code 121229. Again, this code translates into 2012 > December > 29th. Do not include the (20) in the millenium portion of the year. Just the ending numbers of that particular year. For example, 2013 would look like 13.

If you cannot remember the day but you remember what movements were in the WOD, you can look up that particular workout by movements. We tag all of our workouts by the movements and names of the WOD (this does not include warm-ups or cool-downs). For example, if you were looking for your particular time on Fran, you can type in the search bar: Fran, Thruster, Pull up. Once you perform a search for those key words, it will pull up all of the workouts we have ever posted that include Fran, Thrusters and Pull ups. It’s as simple as that!


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