What is a WOD?

At some point you may have heard some of your CrossFit friends or relatives talking about some weird thing called the “WOD”. No, it’s not what you throw away on the slot machines in Vegas. W.O.D. is an acronym that stands for “Workout of the Day” and tells us, CrossFitters, what our schedule is for that particular session or event. It is what we use to track our progress so we can see results in a quantifiable and measurable scale of fitness. Once the WOD is over, it’s important to keep those records because you may not remember specifics if you ever encounter that same one again.

The WOD can be found on our home page and will always be first in sight. The programming methodology behind CrossFit 949’s WOD is an unbiased and evenly scaled evaluation of randomized functional movements – just as CrossFit prescribes.


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